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Do you own a holiday home in or near Falmouth?

Why do Falmouth Holiday Homes secure more bookings for home owners than other agencies?

The self-catering holiday market has changed significantly in recent years – today’s guests expect their holiday accommodation to be as good as, if not better, than their own homes. They do their research via the Internet, and they want an immediate response to their enquiries. We are available when your potential guests are searching for suitable accommodation – not just during normal working hours, but late in the evenings and at weekends too.

The innovative online chat function on our website and the fact that we are available to answer telephone or e-mail enquiries 7 days a week until 11.00PM means that we not only talk to holidaymakers when other agencies are closed, we also take their bookings!

Our company.

Falmouth Holiday Homes is a family-run business that started when we were looking for an agency to market our own holiday home in Flushing. We were less than impressed by the lacklustre response we received from agencies big and small who offered an unenthusiastic service, mediocre occupancy rates and average rental yields, and then added insult to injury by restricting our own use of the house.

We thought we could do a better job ourselves, which is exactly what we did. Our experience in sales, marketing and e-commerce proved invaluable to us, and in our first year we booked our Flushing house for 48 weeks at premium rental rates. Our holiday home owning neighbours were soon asking what the secret of our success was, and our company was born!

That was ten years ago, and over this time we have created a very distinctive brand. Falmouth Holiday Homes has become the destination agency for holiday home owners in Falmouth and the surrounding area – we pride ourselves on delivering them outstanding service, impressive occupancy rates, and premium rental yields.

We have also established ourselves as the preferred agency for holiday makers that want to stay locally and appreciate the quality properties in our portfolio. We are also very proud of our high levels of repeat business, which help to deliver above average occupancy rates, and we are well known for our exceptional levels of service – we consistently achieve outstanding results for our home owners and complete satisfaction for our guests.

Unlike most agencies, which offer nothing more than a booking facility, we take care of your guests from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. If they don’t know where to park, or they can’t work the TV, they call us not you! We will only trouble you as a last resort, meaning that you enjoy a hands-off ownership experience. We can offer this service because we are small, and because we know each of our homes and their owners intimately.

Our marketing and websites.

We use a powerful combination of cutting-edge marketing tools to achieve impressive year round results and give you the best possible return on your investment. Working with local company 8Wire we have developed a website that is the envy of most of our competitors – guests often comment on the simple navigation, informative detail and quality images.

Our online chat function means we can converse with potential holiday makers at any time, allowing us to give instant answers to their questions and helping us to turn enquiries into bookings. In addition, our innovative marketing is conducted across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, by direct mail and by e-mail, and by insertions in several paper publications. And during the rare periods that we are not available our websites keep working, allowing guests to research, book and pay for their holiday 24 hours a day.

We care.

We know that we exceed the expectations of both our guests and our home owners.  We are not just a booking agency, put simply – we care.  We care about the standard of our properties, and we care about the way they are cleaned, presented and photographed. We care about our owners – we want them to use and enjoy their property when they want to, and unlike other agencies we do not restrict the number of weeks that a house can be used by its owner.

We also care about our guests – we appreciate that the little touches such as welcome packs and logs for the fire, information on the local facilities, and a warm and personal welcome, are what make guests return again and again.

The financials.

We believe in being open and honest, and that’s why we do not hide our commission rates in small print – we charge 20% of the rental cost plus VAT, with no additional charges for registration, professional photography, marketing or otherwise. We forward deposits or balances to you at the end of the month in which we receive them, less our commission, and we provide a detailed financial statement and invoice each month, ready for you to pass straight to your accountant or the tax man.

We are also happy to offer flexible contracts to owners who want to use their properties on a more regular basis themselves. We believe that this flexible and personal approach, and our attention to detail, is unique.

Some of our home owners manage the maintenance and cleaning of their properties themselves, but the majority rely on us to appoint and manage a suitable housekeeper for them. We are happy to do this at no additional charge, and we draw on a pool of trusted local people who clean to a high standard at reasonable rates.

So – what’s next?

Get in touch! We would be delighted to discuss your Falmouth holiday home with you, whether it’s a reality, currently under construction, or just a dream at present – because what you decide to do next may have a huge impact on the profitability and success of your property in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by calling us on 01326 567 344 or by e-mailWe will offer impartial and objective advice – we won’t be pushy, but we will be passionate about your property, your requirements and what we think will work best for you.

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