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It’s s dogs life….

I’m getting used to this now. There’s lots of noise and then the suitcases come out. Before I know it I’m shipped off to someone else’s house where their dog growls at me every time I go near it. Or even worse, I get sent to the smelly, noisy kennels where I am shut in a cage and no one talks to me or takes me for walks for what seems like ages.

This time was different!

OK, I didn’t have much room in the back of the car between all their bags but at least they remembered my bed and my favourite toy. We were staying in a really nice house. There was lots of squealing when we arrived about who wanted what room but they all seemed happy enough so I had a sniff about. It was all very clean, with a garden for me and the little people to play in.

The big people soon started talking about food and pubs and I know what that means – they go off without me. So I did my best sad face and curled up on my bed, and for once it worked! They actually took me with them to a pub where I got lots of strokes and a bowl of water, and then I had a sleep under the table while they larked about being silly.

The next day we walked to the beach – it was amazing! There were lots of seagulls to chase and big waves to play with – my idea of heaven. This whole village seems likes it’s made for dogs. I can go on the beach all year round and the lovely houses are just a 5 minute walk away. Both the pubs in the village let me in, the restaurant on the quayside makes a fuss of me, and the nice ladies in the shop even give me a biscuit every time we go in!

Most days we go on walks around the headland to Mylor Marina to see the big boats. The big people can have lunch there at a lovely restaurant called Castaways. I don’t mind because the nice man there always gives me a treat, and I get to run in the fields and swim in the sea on the way there and on the way back. One day I even played with a seal, but he cheated because he swims underneath the water!

It’s almost like this holiday was designed for me. I’ve met loads of really nice friends and their owners and I feel thoroughly content. Everyone is happy, and they are treating me like one of them. People actually seem to like me, and I have never had behind my ears scratched so often.

Who needs Kennels? I tell you this: if we don’t come back here again next year I am definitely going to start chewing the big people’s most expensive shoes.

Smell ya later!

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